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The countdown (almost) begins

October 11, 2010

Yes, its true. On October 23rd, 2010 it will be official. There will be exactly 20 months left in this phase of life. A phase dripping with gallons of miraculous and wonderful LIFE, mind you, but also marred by years of never quite doing exactly what I wanted to be doing, felt I should be doing, or even was interested in doing for those eight or ten hours a day we call working. Well, that finally has an formal expiration date stamped on it. In exactly 20 months and 12 days we’ll put that phase to bed and laugh heartily about it over cocktails once we’re deep enough into the next phase to look back on the previous phase and laugh at it without the laughter turning into that uncontrollable sobbing thing. Not cool at cocktail parties.

Why exactly 20 months and 12 days you ask? Well, thats a good question. For one thing, it coincides nicely with D completing three years of violent mob control, uh, I mean teaching in the NYC public school system. And for another it gives us what currently feels like oodles of time to do every little NYC thing we want to do before we don’t live in it any more and, perhaps more importantly, to learn and plan how to cultivate the next phase and bring it to happy fruition.

And why not document that process here. I’ll talk about all our fun adventure as we both work towards walking into the boss’s office on June 23rd, 2011, peeing on his or her desk, and saying those lovely words: “I quit”.

Whats the next phase? We’ll get into that.

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