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What’s this “next phase” all about, anyway?

October 12, 2010

The next phase is about going after what we really want out of life, rather than just talking about it, making plans for doing it “someday”, and being a little bit jealous of those other passionate and inspired people that actually work for their dreams rather than just work so you can vacation in someone else’s.

We’ve boiled this down to a goal, drawn from what we love, which will continue to take form over the next twenty months and beyond. We love to host, we love to cook, we love to travel, we (well, more me!) love wine and its creation process. We know what we like when we’re hosted, when we eat, when we travel, and when we drink. And we really believe we know how to do it better than a lot of people.

So where does that leave the vision for the next phase? We want to have a small scale winery on a beautiful vineyard. There will be a boutique bed and breakfast on the vineyard, perhaps enough to host 5 or 6 couples initially, with room to grow. There will be space for events – weddings, parties, cooking classes – which will include a dining room, a nicely appointed kitchen, a full outdoor kitchen and grill, and an outdoor area for dining and music and dancing. The location is something which will be narrowed down over the next twenty (and more) months. Is it in the US – perhaps the Finger Lakes or Colorado or Washington State? Is it in Argentina? Spain? All things to consider. What we do know is we value the natural beauty of the setting. And our own pier on a lake wouldn’t be half bad.

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