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The Wonders of Google

October 28, 2010

I don’t understand how anyone accomplished anything before Google. With just a bit of effort we’ve uncovered example business plans for B&B’s and small wineries, documents on financial planning, and even pre-filled spreadsheets to help direct you through creating financials and 5-10 year plans. Amazingly helpful.

We have also begun putting together a list of our contacts and reaching out to them for advice, and more contacts! I want part of our transition travels to involve some real work-study type efforts at wineries and in kitchens where we can learn and truly hone our skills. How amazing and useful would it be to “intern” with a baker in Tuscany or work under the tutelage of a chef in France? I think we will truly be able to differentiate ourselves even further if we can incorporate some classical European style into our efforts, wherever the final location may be. And, so we throw that desire out into the Universe and see what comes back. I know there are people who have done it and will seek their advice as well. It’s quite exciting to think about what that transition period will become!

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