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17 Months? Already?

January 28, 2011

It never ceases to amaze me how agonizingly slowly the minutes drag by at work, where I suffer through a significant percentage of my life, and yet how quickly a month still manages to pass. I think the pleasure of weekends and holidays create some sort of strange time warp. Somebody should study that one.

I can’t say the past 30 or so days were the most productive in terms of advancing our goal, but it wasn’t exactly a wash either. We pulled off (finally) the second successful JDFuego Supper Club experience. This time included more “strangers” for a more authentic feel. Everyone was happy, stuffed, and thoroughly entertained. Most went back for seconds. And one stationed herself over the pot of remaining mussels well after dinner. And ate them all. Quite impressive to watch, really. We were very pleased with the whole thing, and, despite a few gaffs (where’s the crunchy bread for the mussels? why didn’t we pause the cooking process when we realized two of our guests would be an hour late?) our guests’ comments and cleaned plates showed us it was a big success.

We also hosted a good friend’s 30th birthday party and cooked up a storm of delicious sauce, meatballs, and a gourmet take on mac n’ cheese a la Jamie Oliver. Food was delicious and again the party went off incredibly.

I also learned a friend at work has similar ambitions to ours. A B&B project, at the very least. We swore not to compete with each other and will now be able to work off that collaborative energy which I think we will be beneficial in a number of ways. There’s an amazing utility to different viewpoints; we too often get caught up in seeing things only the way we initially thought it through.

For example, in the excitement/desire to have an operational winery, I’d been consistently thinking of this venture as something that would begin as a winery then after a couple of years add the event space, followed by the Bed and Breakfast. My friend said he’d do it exactly the other way around. Why? Income. It makes sense. Establish the Bed and Breakfast and have immediate – well, relatively immediate – cash flow. Then move on to the other projects. Real cash flow from the winery operation would be at least two or three years out. There are pros and cons to everything, of course. The B&B will require a bit of work to run, and obviously starting the winery wouldn’t be trivial! But, still, something to think about.

So, you know, I think it was a pretty productive month, considering we’re still 17 months out from beginning the transition! Plus, its hard to make beer when I need to boil the wort on my terrace and we get 12″ of snow every 45 minutes.

Coming in month 17… Not exactly sure yet, but hopefully a collaborative exploratory work meeting and we will definitely be heading out to San Francisco and Wine Country for some amazing time with friends, more wine experience, and hopefully network in some more contacts!

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