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2007 Epiphany Revelation

April 13, 2011

OAK! Oak oak oaKLike a lot of people, I’m sure, I signed up for WTSO and then far too many from the flood of other “flash sale” sites that ensued. Now 85% of my new emails are another offering and Bill Gates would go broke (or need a liver transplant) trying to actually partake of half of those offers.

In any event, this one came to me from Lot18. Something compelled me to give it a try when I ordered it back in February. I think it was irrational exuberance over 1 cent shipping, or maybe I was just longing for an epiphany of my own. I finally got around to sampling the wine the other night.

It opens with notes of oak on the nose, followed by a bit of oak. A bit of aeration, however, really brought out the oak. The palette also presented some smokey forest dwelling northern temperate zone arboreal flavors of the oak variety.

I don’t know, maybe I’m sensitive, but this just hit me as that annoying California stereotype of over-oakedness. I let it sit for a day to see if it developed a bit, but the oak refused to lessen its grip. There were definitely some dark fruit characteristics and some spiciness, but not enough to make me really want to go back for more. And the acid was a bit on the flabby side for me.

The winery’s fact sheet refers to the particular blend in this wine as a “real crown pleaser”. Perhaps it pleases the crown thanks to its 15.5% alcohol, though mine was a bit annoyed with me the morning after.

All in all, not a bad wine, but not my style. E for Effort. Maybe an E-.

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  1. August 9, 2011 12:57 am

    The 2006 was way better. I was disappointed with the ’07.

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